Seeing CWEEL: Nandini Mouli

Nandini is the president of the Association of Energy Engineers Baltimore Chapter and involved with the Baltimore CWEEL Group. She initially joined CWEEL because she appreciated its mission to empower women in energy, so it comes as no surprise that her favorite part of being a CWEEL member is being able to give back by helping women early in their careers.

In the words of her nominator, “She is a wonderful example of another woman energy professional supporting and mentoring another professional.”

In Her Own Words

What other roles have you had?
I was a Chemical engineer, then an energy management specialist, and now the founder of eSai LLC.

What achievements, projects, or presentations  are you proud of?
Co-Inventor of Low-Global Warming Potential Refrigerant,  HFO-1234yf and many derivatives of the same to make it more suitable for HVAC applications

Do you have a quote that has inspired you? "More often than not, successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy" -Olaf Isachsen

What is the best advice you received as a woman in energy?
Do not get dejected by any upset in your career; if you fall down, pick up the dust, get up and keep moving.