Unstoppable Women – Girl Scouts Edition

Introducing young girls and women to STEM is not only great, but necessary. Those of us who have forged the path and survived the ups and downs to success are the key to empowering the next generation of women leaders. It was an honor to participate in the Girl Scouts of Kentucky Wilderness Road (GSKWR) Unstoppable Women series alongside Laura Lyons. We were interviewed by a Cadet Girl Scout (a future female leader ????). During our chat, we talked about various topics such as our careers, how did we got into our fields, self-care, mentorship, traits you may possess that indicate an aptitude for STEM, and so much more. It is important to have these events with the next generation so not only do they know women are in STEM, but they also SEE us.

The theme of CWEEL’s students and professional women in STEM that was held for young girls in October was, Girls Rock Stem, too! And they have been for a long time. So, throw all the stereotypes out the window, we have, and we still are making moves and creating change as women in STEM. You ARE smart enough, you ARE good enough, if you KNOW that you will be unstoppable!

From the Girl Scouts:

Unstoppable Women brings together trailblazing women at the top of their fields and Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road (GSKWR) older Girl Scouts for a collection of conversations to educate and inspire all of us who are striving to represent the Girl Scout ideals of courage, confidence, and character. This virtual series is designed to highlight extraordinary women who have influenced their local communities and shaped business and civic sectors.

For November, the conversation topic was Women in STEM!  Girl Scouts are encouraged to work on the STEM Automotive Engineering badges for their age level.  Buckle up and learn about designing, engineering, and manufacturing vehicles, as well as the future of mobility. Design your own vehicle, test prototypes, and see what it’s like to think like an engineer! You’ll even learn how to manage your own assembly line manufacturing process!