10 Deanna Sassorossi


Deanna serves on the advisory board of the CWEEL New England group. She has enjoyed connecting with other passionate women with similar interests through CWEEL. She shared, “We often get so caught up in the circle of people we work with day to day that we forget to take the opportunity to engage with the broader community. I’ve enjoyed networking and getting to know other women in my field whose paths might not have otherwise crossed my own.”

Deanna’s Story

As a Sustainability Analyst, I work on a broad range of projects to further advance Eversource’s overall sustainability initiatives, including the company’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2030. I am heavily involved in efforts to track sustainability rater performance, work cross-functionally to improve company sustainability performance, as well as develop the annual sustainability report. I have a strong passion for energy and sustainability and am proud to play a part in the drive towards a sustainable future.

Prior to joining the Sustainability group, I supported the Licensing and Permitting group at Eversource as an Environmental Specialist. In this role I was responsible for environmental permitting and regulatory compliance related to work on complex energy infrastructure projects, including the construction and maintenance of electric transmission and distribution lines throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Prior to working in environmental permitting in New England, I worked as a Field Scientist for Terracon Consultants in Raleigh, North Carolina, completing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, soil and groundwater sampling, and wetland delineations.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources from North Carolina State University in 2016. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Management from the University of Connecticut.

What other roles have you had?
I was a Chemical engineer, then an energy management specialist, and now the founder of eSai LLC.

Do you have any professional role models?
Yes, I admire my supervisor Clare Connolly and the VP of my department, Catherine Finneran. They are both such strong, kind women who consistently seek ways to bring other women up around them. 

Do you have a quote that has inspired you?
“If I can see far it’s because I stand on the shoulder of giants.” There are so many people who have come before me to fight for my rights. I see it as my responsibility to continue the fight that they started. You carry the baton as far as you can and then pass it along. 

What is the best advice you received as a woman in energy?
You have to advocate for yourself because if you don’t, who else will?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Fun Facts? Strange Talents? 
I am half-Mexican and a current participant in the Conexion early career professionals program, a mentoring and leadership program for Hispanic and Latino professionals. Growing up, my mother was very involved with the Hispanic community, serving on the boards of the Society of Hispanic Professionals and El Pueblo, teaching me the importance of being proud of our Latin roots.