Seeing CWEEL: Allison Muehe

In the words of her nominator, “Allison is knowledgeable in energy efficiency auditing and I am impressed with her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the energy efficiency field. She is a working mom who successfully shifted from full time employment to being an owner/consultant.”

In Her Own Words

What made you join CWEEL in the first place?
I have always been a huge proponent of professional organizations that promote the increase of females and minorities in STEM fields.  The first introduction to CWEEL was an email alert from AEE about a local branch holding a monthly meeting with the topic "Women in Energy / Engineering: The Challenges and Benefits of a Diverse Workforce".  As an AEE member, I received the meeting announcement and a male colleague also forwarded me the email as an FYI.  I signed up for that meeting and have been slowly increasing my participation in CWEEL ever since.

What has been the biggest benefit of being a CWEEL member?
The informational webinars and meeting other CWEEL members.  The ones I have met thus far are incredible and inspiring in all they have accomplished - in work and in life! As a mom with young kids, it's been wonderful to speak with (and commiserate with!) other working moms and it's nice to know there seem to be many other women who are in the same stage of life as I am.  And also as a relatively new WBE, speaking with other very successful women in the energy business (and own their own business!) who seem to have been able to swing their life's priorities in ways to benefit their family as well as career are truly inspiring.

Any other thoughts on the CWEEL community you would like to share?
The energy industry continues to be growing at a rapid pace and the more women involved the better!  The first energy company I worked with had almost 30% female technical staff, 2/3 of the office I was working in!  They are a fantastic employer and I encourage you to seek out these types of businesses!