CWEEL Uganda Participates in Podcast

GiZ, in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, organized a Clean Energy Expo 2022 at former Market Grounds in Arua City, Uganda. The objective of the Energy expo was to promote the uptake of clean energy technologies in Arua city and surrounding regions of West Nile. The Arua Energy Expo was held at the end of September 2022. AEE's CWEEL Uganda talked about who CWEEL is and women's inclusion in the promotion of clean energy technology, and how vital we are regarding increased clean energy uptake at a live talk show on Radio Pacis in Arua city, Uganda. Sarah Nyangoma represented CWEEL Uganda and discussed clean energy technologies and the women's role, career development of professional women, mentorship of young women, networking, and participation in policy formulation, which also forms part of the objectives of CWEEL Uganda.

Story behind the Picture: Sarah Nyangoma, one of the founders of CWEEL Uganda chapter in development, picture in the middle at the Radio Pacis in Arua City, Uganda.