Kjrsten & Cissy Mentoring Pair Testimonial

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Kjrsten & Cissy Mentoring Pair Testimonial

Kjrsten and Cissy are a CWEEL mentoring pair that have been matched since May of 2019. They have co-authored an Energy Management article for the International Journal of Strategic Energy and Environmental Planning (IJSEEP). The duo has been working to empower and professionally develop Cissy’s skills and strengths in energy engineering since the start of their mentor match in May 2019. One of Cissy’s professional development goals was to publish an article in a recognized journal, and Kjrsten helped to provide recommendations and resources to support her goals.

Kjrsten B. | Mentor | Client Service Manager

Kjrsten is a licensed environmental professional engineer and Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

Cissy B. |Mentee | Operations Research Analyst

“Kjrsten encouraged me to discuss a granular energy data methodology I developed…She also provided constructive feedback to enhance the discussion. I’m grateful to have her as my mentor” – Cissy B.

Cissy works as an energy consultant, specializing in energy analytics related to clients’ energy portfolios.