How Submitting an Article to AEE’s Journal Changed My Career

Elin Shepard

How Submitting an Article to AEE’s Journal Changed My Career

In 2020, while I was a CWEEL Chapter Liaison, we were notified there was an opportunity to submit an article to the inaugural, all-woman authored version of the International Journal of Strategic Energy & Environmental Planning. It seemed like an amazing way to share the story of my work in a previous position. While it wasn’t a technical or research project, I thought it still had lessons learned that were transferrable to current energy management programs. I also knew that submitting an article to an AEE journal provides a good amount of CEUs towards my CEM credential renewal. 

I worked with CWEEL leadership to get my name into the queue for the article. The journal editor, Dr. Roosa, asked me to submit an abstract to see if it would match the cadence for the issue. I was pleased when he responded that it was a go. Now came the only hard part of the process…writing the article over a month or so. In addition to several peer reviews within CLEAResult, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Dr. Roosa edits it as well and uses his significant skill to make it even better. He was respectful with his comments and interactions, and it was a pleasant experience. 

The response to the article was fantastic after the journal was released in spring 2021. CLEAResult featured the effort in several media posts and I felt like I advanced my position as a thought leader within my company. In addition, AEE Members who read the article reached out with questions about their situations and I appreciated the chance to help. Finally, I was able to translate the article into co-presenting on the topic at the 2023 AEE West conference in Long Beach, and it was well received.

CWEEL is proud to continue this partnership with Dr. Roosa on a woman-authored journal every spring. I encourage all women to start thinking about their article to submit next year. It’s such a rewarding experience – both personally and professionally.

Elin Shepard, CLEAResult

If you interested in contributing to this year’s all female journal, please submit your article by July 21, 2023 to Maryanne McGowan.