Farewell Letter from Laurie


Farewell Letter from Laurie

It is time to wrap up my tenure as chair of the Governing Council for CWEEL. It has been just over 15 years since the concept of CWEEL was born.
As a President of AEE in 2007, I chose as my focus to bring more women into AEE and help them advance in their careers in energy. Here we are at the end of 2023, and we have grown into a group of hundreds of women across the globe who share in this common mission.
We are sisters and brothers bonded together by our commitment to promoting women every chance we get. We have developed friendships that have grown together through trials and celebrations. I am so proud of the accomplishments of CWEEL, our members, and our volunteers who have given their time to develop local CWEEL groups in 15 countries, provide amazing programs, mentor and give scholarships to women pursuing STEM education, and more. They are reaching out and spreading the word through networking, social media, and newsletters and raising the funds that make it all possible. I also appreciate the continued and unwavering support of the Association of Energy Engineers – the executive board, executive director Bill Kent, and the entire staff (especially Michelle Whitlock and Laurie Beth Nix), without whom this organization would not be what it is today.

I am not leaving CWEEL, just handing over the mantle of leadership to a new team – Deb Lenny and Cara Olmsted – who have my full support and confidence. I am full of anticipation to see where this dynamic duo will take CWEEL on this next part of the organization’s journey.

I will continue to serve CWEEL while I serve as an Officer on the AEE Board of Directors. I will also serve on the newly forming CWEEL Advisory Committee to help the CWEEL Governing Council as needed and to ensure a smooth transition to the new leadership team.

Last, I want to thank you all for making this a special part of my life’s journey. I appreciate all of you. May God bless you!