Debi & Kiersten Mentoring Pair Testimonial

Cweel mentoring pair

Debi & Kiersten Mentoring Pair Testimonial

Debi and Kiersten are a mentoring pair that was matched in April 2021. While it has only been a few months, they have already met a handful of times over Zoom and found more than a handful of things in common. 

Kiersten W. | Mentee | Building Science Engineer with CMTA

“The CWEEL mentor program has been such a gift. I reached out to Charlotte after learning of the program and was matched only a few weeks later. Debi and I have so many similarities, it was a breeze to form a bond. She is a terrific support. It’s wonderful to have an ear external to your place of work to really look at your career and advancement plans. 

Debi and I meet about once a month over Zoom. We have talked about our roles, past and present, about career fulfillment, and worked through career planning exercises like the Clifton strengths test. On other occasions, we found ourselves attending the same virtual series. In the era of quarantining and working from home, it was an absolute delight to happen upon a familiar face – even if just over zoom.

I love having a mentor-mentee match where I know I can speak to another professional woman and learn from her experiences – already I feel more emboldened to seek growth opportunities and believe in myself professionally.  I look forward to a continued relationship!” – Kiersten W.

Debi R. |Mentor | Leader in the Energy Industry

I am so happy to have been paired with Kiersten – ours is a mutually beneficial mentor/mentee relationship.  Kiersten is a highly motivated, bright, and interesting woman – extremely dedicated to sustainability and reversing the effects of climate change.  She inspires me to do more in my own life to protect our environment for future generations.” – Debi R.

While Kiersten and I live in different areas, being able to meet via Zoom has been terrific – I enjoy being able to see her face-to-face each month.  We have covered everything from the power of “no” to protect against burnout, to advocating for yourself in the workplace, to the importance of networking both internally and externally.  And much more!  Kiersten is a pleasure to mentor as she is very open to brainstorming career development options and to the advice of someone who has been in the industry for a (very!) long time.  She values my stories and experiences and I value her perspective as someone trying to make her mark in an important arena.

Charlotte did an incredible job of pairing Kiersten and I – and I am so excited to continue our working relationship and to seeing Kiersten’s very bright future unfold!