CWEEL Jordan Energy Talks 2023 Webinar Series


CWEEL Jordan Energy Talks 2023 Webinar Series

CWEEL Jordan launched an Energy Talks webinar series in June and ended in October. Ms. Suhair Al Mhairat CEM®, REP™, CSDP, CWEEL Jordan liaison officer hosted male and female speakers who believe in the CWEEL mission of empowering professional women and supporting their technical education in the energy and environmental fields. Eight speakers participated in these webinars to share their practical knowledge and experience in the energy management, green buildings, green energy, smart systems and cities and PV projects. All sessions were followed by highly interactive Q&A sessions that were attended by 250 participants whom showed their interest and passion to the topics of the sessions.

Proud of CWEEL Jordan distinguished speakers whom are introduced below and their session topics:

- “Green Buildings, Design and Main Categories” that was done by Engineer Eng. Faten Alsarayreh, Renewable Energy Instructor.

- “Testing and Commissioning Work in The PV Projects” by Engineer Abdalrahman Qatawneh MBA, General manager for AQ Electric for Power Solutions.

- “Dust Effect and Cleaning Drawback” by Eng. Azzah Alkhalailah CEM®, Sales Manager for DARBCO.

- “Green Hydrogen Renewable PtX: Opportunities and Challenges” by Eng. Noor aldeenbalah PA-CEMP, Energy Advisor – Country Jordan - International PtX Hub.

- “Smart Meters and Energy Management System” by Eng. Osama Al-Adwan CEM®, Head of Engineering for Algebra Intelligence.

- “Introduction to Energy Audit “Eng. Yazan An Noubani CEM®, CEA™, Technical Manager for OPTIMAN.

- “Introduction to Energy Efficiency” by Eng. Mohannad AShhab CEM®, Business Development and Sales Engineers for IBECE Energy.

- “IOT, AI, Smart Homes and Smart Cities” by Eng. Ammar Naber, General Manager and Partner.