Alberta CWEEL Group Hosts First Meeting Virtually

Confident young salesman waving at colleague during video call on computer at desk

Alberta CWEEL Group Hosts First Meeting Virtually

On Wednesday, May 12 we held our first CWEEL Alberta gathering virtually. Amy Roesler, the CWEEL Lead for our Alberta Chapter, hosted 5 special guests who Zoomed in from New Jersey, Ohio, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto for a discussion about gender diversity and inclusion in the energy management sector.

Highlights from the discussion included examples of tangible steps organizations can take to be more gender-inclusive as well as some interesting data and statistics which illustrate the effect that more participation by women in organizations can have on measurable performance outcomes.

Thank you to all of our speakers: Laurie and Maryanne from the CWEEL Board; Marie-Noel from Dunsky Energy Consulting and Kirsten from Efficiency Canada who shared some of the ways their organizations have taken action in response to their commitment to Equal by 30, and Lisa representing StepUp, a non-profit organization committed to supporting women to advance their careers in energy management.

Due to the timing and the COVID restrictions in Alberta, we understand that many could not make it, so the recording is available here. We are planning a follow-up event to reflect and discuss what we have learned and to explore further the opportunity we have to create a CWEEL group in Alberta.