Dear CWEEL Members:

First, I want to send my prayers to each of you.  We are large global family of AEE and CWEEL members who are bonded together by our common commitment to improve the environment while driving economic opportunities and equity through energy efficiency, energy engineering, renewable energy and smart energy solutions.

During this continuing global pandemic, I pray that you are able to stay safe and healthy.  While I know that there are some concerns about the vaccines, I hope that each of you will seriously consider getting vaccinated as it becomes available – both for your own protection and to help reduce the number of COVID-19 variants that develop (some more deadly than the original).  I pray for the full recovery of our members and their families that have contracted COVID-19. I pray for comfort for each of you who have lost a loved one – from COVID-19 or other reasons this year. I pray for peace and physical and mental health for all of our members as this pandemic continues to disrupt our lives in ways we could not have imagined.

We are facing unprecedented challenges that require us to persevere in the midst of constantly changing and unknown circumstances.  Many of you are leaders in our industry, your workplace, your communities and your families and you are making decisions that affect many others.  In the midst of these pressures, all of us are being called to be patient and more understanding of each other, to develop untold strength, and to summon courage.  But just how do we do this?  The answer is community – and CWEEL is a wonderful community of caring women and men – a large global family.

While our self-preserving inclinations may be to pull back from organizations, to shy away from activities, and isolate – I want to encourage you to do the opposite. Reach out to this community and engage – at the local, regional and international level.  There are so many online opportunities to connect – one-on-one ( try Linked In, the CWEEL mentor program, or schedule a meeting with someone you want to know better) or in groups (see our website for upcoming CWEEL webinars and networking events, local training programs, and more). AEE World is coming up in October and CWEEL is hosting several events that you won’t want to miss.  So lean in, connect, and be an active participant in this amazing CWEEL community as we support each other through this season of trial and on into the future where together we will not only persevere but we will grow.