Male Allies in the Energy Sector

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Male Allies in the Energy Sector


June 27 @ 9:30 am - 10:30 am

The energy sector has traditionally been male-dominated. In both developed and developing countries, women are still outnumbered in technical, and supervisory positions in utilities and other energy sector agencies. Women attempting to enter the energy sector continue to face barriers such as gender stereotypes and bias, and a lack of training, mentorship and networking. A lack of diversity can have harmful impacts. When only one group dominates planning and decision-making, there is less innovation, productivity, and sustainability. There are, however, men in the energy sector who see equity and inclusion as not just a nice-to-have but a ‘must have,’ and who champion improvements to workplace policies, practices, and culture to elevate women and eliminate negative gender stereotypes and behaviors.

The objective of this panel discussion is to highlight male champions for gender equality through their work in the energy sector across multiple countries worldwide. Panelists will share their personal experiences, how they have tried to promote gender equality in their organizations and projects, how this has led to better business outcomes, any challenges they have encountered, and their general advice. In late 2022, CWEEL held a virtual discussion highlighting 4 male allies in the energy sector. This panel will feature another set of male allies representing various countries and energy organizations.

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