Sponsors & Partners


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your company prominently displayed at the 2021 AEE Conferences and in promotional materials.  Show your support for CWEEL’s work to empower and promote the success of women with your sponsorship.


Logo on Display

Your logo will be displayed throughout the conference promotional materials, social media, and AEE and CWEEL websites. Sponsorship also includes recognition of your company’s contribution during the event.

Event Signage

In-person conferences include live event show signage at the entrance, and registration booth. On-line conferences will feature your company on numerous signage opportunities: the viewing platform, lobby slides, and 30-minute on-screen logo before the start of each program.

Promotional Gear

At CWEEL in-person events, your logo can be featured on our staff badges.



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CWEEL Events

Join us at our Breakfast/Plenary Sessions and Networking Reception to hear top women in the industry speak on industry developments, and share their perspectives on careers, success, and challenges. Enjoy networking with women from across the industry and country to build new relationships, showcase your talents and interests and find your own path.


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Below are the six events available for sponsorship.

Select more than one event and SAVE 10%.  Select 4 or more and SAVE 20%!

AEE Conferences & Events Price of Sponsorship
AEE World - New Orleans Live – Breakfast/Plenary $2,900
AEE World - New Orleans Live - Networking Reception $1,950
AEE East – Cincinnati, OH - Breakfast/Plenary $2,900
AEE East – Cincinnati, OH - Networking Reception $1,950
AEE West – Seattle, WA-  Breakfast/Plenary $2,900
AEE West – Seattle, WA - Networking Reception $1,950
Total All Events $14,550

Sponsorship Benefits
✔ Your company’s logo in the conference program distributed onsite to attendees.
✔ Website recognition with your company’s link on show website.
✔ Your company’s logo on signage displayed throughout the show.
✔ Entrance Unit, Registration and other sponsor “Thank you” signage.
✔ A sponsor recognition sign prominently displayed in your booth.
✔ Sponsor ribbons on your company attendee / staff badges.
✔Recognition on special reception signage and graphics.
✔ Your company’s logo will also prominently appear on CWEEL reception invitations (emailed and onsite).
✔ Reception: Admission for 6 individuals (2 drink tickets each)

*NOTE: All recognition above is contingent upon date of sponsorship confirmation. Many of the onsite materials must be printed at least three weeks prior to the event.