Nicolette Sowa


Nicolette Sowa

CWEEL | Mentoring Program Committee Chair

Enersponse Inc. | VP, Energy Markets

Nicolette Sowa joined AEE and CWEEL in 2019 as a Chapter Liaison for the Columbia River Chapter and, shortly after, joined the CWEEL Mentor Program, as well. She’s had a phenomenal experience as both a mentor and a mentee in the program. Nicolette is passionate about supporting women+ in the energy industry and will work to expand the membership and structure of the CWEEL Mentor Program as a Governing Council Board Member.

Nicolette currently works on the Energy Markets team at Enersponse, focused on decarbonizing energy for its customers. She previously held various community-focused leadership roles in Healthcare IT before obtaining a Master of Environmental Law & Policy with an Energy Law Certificate, then joining Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) as a Demand Response Program Manager. At PG&E, Nicolette was also a mentee in the company’s formal mentorship program and a Board Director for the W-STEM ENG, which included participation in monthly mentoring sessions for teenage girls in the community.

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