Katelyn Leahy Barb

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Katelyn Leahy Barb

CWEEL | Mentorship Program Chair

Sapient Industries | Senior Building Scientist

With a passion for energy efficiency and a background in education, Katelyn brings a unique perspective to the energy industry. Katelyn is a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) and has over seven years of experience performing energy and building system audits for US client buildings and campuses. In her current role as a Senior Building Scientist, she collaborates with clients to define customized ongoing-commissioning processes, and actively works with internal cross-functional teams on educational, technical, and process improvement initiatives. As a former high school teacher, she is also skilled in curriculum development, student engagement, and accommodating diverse student needs. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation to pursue careers in STEM and has worked hard to increase female participation in STEM courses. Katelyn is excited to bring her expertise to new opportunities in the energy efficiency industry and make a positive impact on both the environment and the CWEEL community.

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