Deborah Lenny

2023. 2

Deborah Lenny

CWEEL | Co-Chair

Utility Advantage, LLC | Director, Program Management & Consulting Services

Deb, currently the Director of Program Management & Consulting Services with Utility Advantage, brings over three decades of expertise in the energy sector, where she has been a driving force in innovating energy and renewables solutions for industrial and commercial clients. As a results-oriented leader, she has a proven track record of delivering exceptional outcomes and excelling at building high-performing, diverse teams while leading transformative change. Guided by unwavering principles of integrity, respect, and accountability, Deb upholds the highest standards in her work.

Deb’s journey began in 1990 as an engineer at Public Service Electric & Gas, where she played a vital role in the deregulated energy market. Throughout her career, she has held various positions in both regulated and deregulated energy industries, assuming key leadership roles in esteemed companies such as PSE&G, Hess Corporation, Direct Energy, and NRG Business. Armed with an engineering degree from Rutgers University and an MBA from LaSalle University, Deb remains committed to delivering unparalleled leadership and customer experiences in the deregulated energy sector.

Beyond her professional achievements, Deb is passionate about fostering the development of women in engineering and energy. She actively engages in local STEM programs, dedicating her time and expertise to empower aspiring female professionals. As a Senior Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Deb has served on the National Board of the Council on Women in Energy & Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) for the past seven years. In her role as the Chapter Liaison Committee Chair, she orchestrated the efforts of a forty member committee spanning AEE Chapters across the United States and Canada. Through collaboration with her Chapter Liaisons, Deb has successfully amplified the voices of women and facilitated meaningful initiatives, including scholarships, mentoring programs, fundraising initiatives, and membership drives. Such accomplishments have led her to her current role as Co-Chair of the CWEEL Board of Directors, where she continues to actively volunteer, inspire, and advocate for the professional advancement of women in the energy industry.

In addition to her professional and volunteer endeavors, Deb finds joy in traveling with her family and engaging in triathlon training and competitions.

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