Breaking the Bias

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Breaking the Bias

CWEEL Division

February 16 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

“Like many women and women of color, Nona King has experienced rejection, microaggression, racism, sexism, and felt like she had to work twice as hard to prove that she was worthy to be in the room.

In this interactive session, Nona will focus on what you can do as a leader to break down barriers that you might be experiencing or break down barriers within yourself.

Nona presents an actionable framework to start breaking down your own biases because we all have them. You’ll self-assess who you are, what is important to you, your values, your passions, your strengths, and your opportunities.”


About the Speaker:

Nona King is a career coach for professionals looking to jumpstart or pivot in their careers. She specializes in career development, personal branding, and making high-impact connections by uncovering untapped potential and providing the connections to help professionals reimagine their careers and possibilities in life. In the last year, she’s helped her clients increase their average pay by over $40K, while landing roles they love, at companies that align with their values and goals where they can be their full authentic selves.

Early in her career she found it challenging as a young woman of color climbing the corporate ladder, because she didn’t have the tools or the mentors to help guide her career. As a result, she found herself underemployed, underpaid and working in roles that were not fulfilling. Nona founded Career Catalyst Group to share her learnings and her network, so others can successfully jumpstart or pivot in their career.

Nona’s “why” goes beyond winning new job opportunities. She enjoys helping her clients discover who they are at their core, their talents, hidden skills, and what brings them fulfillment so they can always bring the best of themselves not only to work but also in their personal lives.

Complementary to Nona’s widely successful career, she is an MBA graduate of Washington University John M. Olin School of Business and holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Flute Performance from Vanderbilt University.

Nona King celebrates life as a wife and mother of two and resides in Houston, Texas.