Month: February 2021

2020 Champion Award Winners

CWEEL announces the 2020 Champion Award Winners. This award recognizes AEE Chapters and CWEEL Liaisons for their advocacy and contributions towards CWEEL’s growth.   Four awards were given: Maryanne McGowan, … Read more

Meet CWEEL’s International Groups Committee

Crissy Godfrey, Chair of the International CWEEL Development Crissy Godfrey joined the Government & Public Services Energy practice with Deloitte in April 2019 as a Specialist Leader. Ms. Godfrey previously … Read more

Membership Spotlight: Amy Roesler

About Amy:  Amy has more than 20 years of experience designing, delivering and advocating for solutions to today’s (and tomorrow’s) energy efficiency, utility management and GHG emissions reduction challenges. She … Read more